Make iterations easy with the new Casio ClassWizz: GCSE Maths

With the old FX-83/85 and FX911 ES calculator, you could solve an equation numerically, using iteration and the ANS button.

But with the newer ClassWizz calculator released by Casio, you can make use of the spreadsheet function to do this much more efficiently. See my video below for instructions on how to do this:

If you want to see the values calculated in the cells to a greater degree of precision (more decimal points) you will have to setup the calculator to show the cell values instead of the formula.

This is easy enough to do. Go through these steps: setup/spreadsheet/show cell/Value

Once you feel comfortable with this you can then start including some other iterative formulae in consecutive columns for comparison.

For a comparison see how this was achieved with the older Casio calculator models. (This method can still be applied with the ClassWizz also).

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