The Paraffin Paradox

The Scientific Method

This week the topic of experiment and observations came up in several tutorials- which resulted in me pulling up my own infographic for the scientific method:

Scientific Method Infographic

For further information on the scientific method, I highly recommend reading the Wikipedia’s page which has a wealth of information.

Application of the Scientific Method

As with all things, putting the method into action makes it infinitely easier to comprehend and master. One of the better examples of the scientific method in action is that of the Paraffin Paradox, the experiment is described below in a wonderful video by FlinnScientific.

Update I’ve become aware that many people have been coming to this website as a result of the ACT test past paper question on the Paraffin Paradox. If you are looking for assistance with this question, feel free to get in touch with me via the contact page. I will be posting my comments and methodology in answering this question very soon, if you’d like to be informed of when the article is published please subscribe here:

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